The eyes are the window to the soul, so make sure you frame them with strong, bold beautiful brows and lush lashes.

Brow tint$25
Brow tidy$25
Brow sculpt$30
Lash tint$30
Lash tint + brow tint$45
Brow sculpt + lash tint$45
Brow sculpt + brow tint$40
Brow sculpt + last tint + brow tint$60
Lash lift & tint$90
Brow lamination with sculpt & tint

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Powder/Ombre Brows
1st Session + consultation$400
2nd session - perfecting (4-6wks)$200
Feather Stroke Brows
1st session + consultation$420
2nd session - perfecting (4-6wks)$200
Deluxe brows (mix of feather and powder)
1st session + consultation$500
2nd session - perfecting (4-6 weeks)$200
6-8 month re-touch $280
9-12 month re-touch
1st session2-3 hours
2nd session/re-touch1.5-2 hours

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