Facials and Peels

Circadia Antioxidant Spa Facial     

For calming, soothing and repair.  

This treatment is designed as an introductory "spa" type treatment to exfoliate, detoxify, calm, soothe and help rebuild all skin types and conditions - particular those with inflammation.

Emzyme Treatments                      

Enzymes are used as a deep or light cleansing treatment to leave you with skin which has a beautiful "polished" appearance.


Peels are a highly effective exfoliating treatment for all skin types.  
Our peels range in strength from "lunchtime" peels to medically developed skin rejuvenation peels.


This progressive, non invasive treatment povides gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer, healthier skin with visible results in skin texture. Incorporates serum, mask and moisturise.

Our facials give you the best of both worlds:


  • A relaxing results-driven treatment which we customise to address your specific concerns, and


  • Advice on correct homcare products to achieve a long-term solution for visible results.


We have included a small selection of the choices availble to you here.


To discover your own personalised facial regimen - contact us now.

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